The Pirate Cinema A cinematic collage generated by Peer-to-Peer users
Resonant Architecture video documentaries about architectural spaces set into vibration
System Introspection A concrete and tangible exploration of the binary code
Flat Earth Society Listen to the surface of the earth transposed on vinyl record [by Art of Failure]
Internet_Topography An audio and visual installation that uses Internet as a resonant space [by Art of Failure]
Internet Encephalography A multi-point EEG of Internet [by Art of Failure]
8 Silences A networked immersive performance in the heart of data flows [by Art of Failure]
Infinite Stream Loop An audio stream traveling through the www since the 1st july 2010 [by Art of Failure]
Corpus The architectural space is explored through the resonant specificities of its various components
T0P0L0G1ES [by Art of Failure] An exhibition presenting tangible representations of digital data
Earth to Signal [by Art of Failure] translating the topographic variations into audible vibrations
Pure Data read as pure data A trip through the back of the binary code, and its hidden qualities
Phosphen-Tinnitus is an installation based on the perceptive disorders
+4k [by Art of Failure] Combines a choir of electronic repulsive devices around the Mosquito system
Standard RVB flickers compressed in the lowest .wmv quality over & over
The Voice Hack of a software for blind people that transform a video image into sound
Untitled 2009
Reservoir Lorient
Internet_Erosion [by Art of Failure] A sculpture produced from 24 hours audio analysis of Infinite Stream Loop
Between 0&1 a process using corrupted data to generate resonant and visual textures

Babel [by Art of Failure] Numeric process that generates random suites of letters