Predictive Art Bot V4 - A bot turning latest media influences into artistic concepts

The Pirate Cinema - A cinematic collage generated by Peer-to-Peer users

Blacklists - An extensive directory of internet censorship and content restrictions

The Museum of (technological) Failures - An alternative museum focusing on the dark narratives of technology

Shanzhai Archeology - A collection of original phones from the technological interbreedings made in china

Predictive Art Bot V2 - A bot turning latest media influences into artistic concepts

Predictive Art Bot V1 - A generator of non-human artistic concepts!

Artificial Voyager - The voyager golden records analysed by an artificial intelligence

Drone-2000 - A dystopian performance for autonomous drones

Floating Propheties - Correlations between historical sci-fi quotes and folk videos staging drones

War Zone - Reproduction of historical missile trajectories within google earth

System Introspection - A concrete and tangible exploration of binary code

The Pirate Book - A compilation of grass-root stories and strategies on media piracy

DISNOVATION - A critical exploration of the mechanics and rhetoric of innovation

Flat Earth Society - Listen to the surface of the earth transposed on a vinyl record

Resonant Architecture - Video documentaries about architectural spaces set into vibration

Internet Topography - An audiovisual installation that explores Internet as a resonant space

AETHER MASHUP - A portable device that turns wifi conversations into streams of images and sounds

PING MAP - A dynamic mapping of the global network based on response time

Internet Encephalography - A multipoint EEG of the global network

Infinite Stream Loop - A silent audio stream navigating the www since 2010