a networked immersive performance in the heart of data flows

While Jacktrip tries to mitigate the problems of streaming over the Internet, the Art of Failure’s 8 silences (2010) uses the very problems of transmission to generate the audio; the activity of the network and its architecture becomes the core of the resulting sound performance. 8 silences is a live performance made from mixing together several silent ogg and MP3 stream loops with different quality settings; error corrections are bypassed which would otherwise attempt to maintain quality. Each silent loop is emitted to a different location around the globe and is then sent back to the location of the concert venue and re-transmitted. Due to transmission errors such as packet loss, the wrong order of reception, and other artifacts, each initial silent stream slowly produces glitched noise related to its own route on the network. The sound gets increasingly dense as the loops deteriorate; to end the performance, the operator turns off the loops one at a time. The piece is an Internet-era homage to both Cage’s 4’33” and Lucier’s “I Am Sitting in A Room".

(Margaret Schedel - 2012)

Live @ St-Nazaire le Desert, juin 2010

Live @ IRL, paris - nov 2010

Live @ Ososphère, Strasbourg - feb 2011