Since 2006, the collective Art of Failure has been staging a series of performances that induce a heightened perception of architecture by setting unusual buildings into a state of vibration. The materials and structures activated by the infra-bass vibrations reveal the resonance frequencies, physicality and acoustic qualities of the buildings chosen. A multimedia apparatus that combines sound, visuals and architecture, RESONANT ARCHITECTURE establishes a dialogue between architecture, its spatial components and its geographical context.

RESONANT ARCHITECTURE's events at various sites create an interplay between sound, visuals and architecture. Based on the principle of vibration in resonance with a given constructed environment, the sound system consists of speakers, vibrators and a score generated in real time that incorporates pure frequencies.

The RESONANT ARCHITECTURE series as a whole offers a unique approach to architecture, revealing the unique musicality specific to several buildings by stimulating their multiple resonance frequencies. Each special event in the series takes the form of a unique scenario, providing a physical and ghostly experience of a constructed space. For the duration of the installation or public concert, the specific materials and structures of the chosen site are made to vibrate by low frequencies and reveal the acoustic qualities of the architecture and its surroundings. In parallel to the live events, some performances are recorded and shown in the form of a documentary film.

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Conception: Nicolas Maigret, Jeremy Gravayat, Nicolas Montgermont
Video & edition: Jérémy Gravayat
Enregistrements sonores & mixage : Yann Leguay