The Museum of Failures (2015... work in progress)

« This acknowledgement of powerlessness before the upsurge of unexpected, catastrophic events forces us to reverse the usual trend which exposes us to accidents and inaugurate a new kind of museology and museography: one which consists in exposing or exhibiting the accident, all accidents, from the most commonplace to the most tragic, from natural catastrophes to industrial and scientific disasters, including also the kind that is too often neglected, the happy accident, the stroke of luck, the coup de foudre or even the coup de grâce! » — Paul Virilio

In a context where science, technology and innovation are at the core of contemporary belief systems, it seems essential to consider establishing an alternative technology museum, no longer through a series of heroic exploits often instrumentalised, but through a panorama of the numerous failures highlighting the purposes, the narratives and the heterogeneous imaginary of a society. We wish to establish a collection of aborted projects, flops, errors, malfunctions, business failures, ethical rejection or disasters, reflecting the outlines of our society, from a historical, symbolic, poetic and cultural point of view.

The Museum of Failures takes the shape of a contributive web repository, fed by workshops and research sessions. The museum brings together an ensemble of views focussed on technological failures. It’s collections are sorted by large subjects (or floors), and populated with specific topics (or rooms), composed of anecdotes, interviews and contributions made by individuals, artists and researchers. The Museum will soon be visible during exhibitions and online.

Conception: Nicolas Maigret & Maria Roszkowska (DISNOVATION.ORG)