Predictive Art Bot V3 (2017...)


Predictive Art Bot is an algorithm that uses current discourse as a basis to create concepts for artistic projects and, at times, prophesize absurd future trajectories for art. Algorithms are now widely used in different fields to make predictions using data analysis, statistical analysis, and pattern recognition for applications including the purchasing behavior of particular groups, global market developments and even potential crimes. In contrast, the Predictive Art Bot is a specialist in making art forecasts, published daily on Twitter, which are meant to expand the limited human imagination with new, non-human perspectives. As a parody of transhumanist prophecies, the Predictive Art Bot liberates artists from the constraints of creativity and develops ideas not yet implemented or conceived by humans. - Inke Arns

Twitter feed:
Conception: Nicolas Maigret & Maria Roszkowska
Programming: Jérôme Saint-Clair
Pictures: Dasha Ilina