Floating Prophecies (2015)

Collection of quotes about drones in sci-fi literature /vs/ contemporary youtube videos of drones

The figure of the drone serves as the starting point for this film, enabling it to explore the intersections that exist between fictional depictions arising from science-fiction literature and the actual advent of flying machines with camera vision in contemporary world, folklore and mythology.
By juxtaposing quotes from works from the previous century (1880 ­- 2000) with a selection of popular, recent videos that have been posted on video sharing websites, this film explores the grey zone between self-fulfilling prophecy and composite narratives.

[Work in progress] Video Collage - 2015
Duration: 14 minutes
Conception: Nicolas Maigret & Maria Roszkowska
Voice over: Black Sifichi - blacksifichi.com
Video research with Carlotta Aoun & Eric Delplancq